Puttana by Oskar Hartman

Writer Oskar Hartman performs his one-man production of Puttana. A harsh, graphic and partial autobiographical play exploring the darker side of gay sexual hook-ups, eating disorders, sexual abuse and fearing commitment within a monogamous relationship.

Grindr and Tinder were an addiction for him. Travelling from country to country with the phone at the ready to capture the next young flesh of meaningless sex he could consume. The desire to feel wanted drove him to want more and more men.

At times during the performance, it can descend into being quite self-indulgent. Mentioning many times about his good looks, body and modelling career. Worrying whether or not he would still be desired by men as his looks faded with age.

After an HIV scare, Oskar decides to make some changes in his sexual lifestyle. Promising himself to not indulge in unprotected sex anymore, well not as much he adds at the end of the scene.

Many times when I watch new productions I learn something new. This play is no exception “Puttana” translates to “bitch” which had this been used as the English title the exotic undercurrents would not have rung the same.

An interesting yet slightly obscure play at times. The themes of insecurity and uncertainty about forming relationships are common emotions that a vast majority of society can relate to regardless of their sexuality.

Three and a half stars.

Written and Performed by Oskar Hartman.

Directed by Jonna Wilkström.
The show contains some or full nudity and strong language. Over 18’s only.

24th August 3 pm

25th August 4.30pm.

Hen and Chickens

109 St Paul’s Road


N1 2NA.



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