No Limits-A Song Cycle by Sam Thomas.

No Limits-A Song Cycle is a new musical written by Sam Thomas performing at the 2019 Camden Fringe.

The cast of six performers delivers an energetic and very enthusiastic musical production. Once you see a cast enjoying the production the quality of the show is often raised and this was certainly the case.

Each of the musical numbers offers a short completed story exploring various feelings and situations relatable to everyone. From the feelings of inadequacy as everyone around you appears to be achieving something better than you are, infidelity and death to name but a few.

The cast photographed above used the game of twister in a funny musical number discussing openly how everyone has a slight “kinky” side in the bedroom. They sing about the varying degrees with a glint in their eyes and a lot of smiles exchanged between them.

I especially like the line used several times through the musical where the cast sing “taking the scenic route”. As evolving human beings, I believe everyone in some way is taking that route through life. Some are more extravagant in their choices than others. A thought-provoking simple line which has stayed me to think it over!

No Limits-A Song Cycle delivers everything you expect to find in a musical catchy song, some cheesy performances and plenty of dancing. Accompanied by the two talented band members who were on time perfectly. An extremely well-structured production which is thoroughly enjoyable.

Four Stars


Woman 1 – Emily Carter
Woman 2 – Megan Jobling
Woman 3 – Keisha Mowchenko
Man 1 – Timothy Roberts
Man 2 – David Gibbons
Man 3 – Aaron Jenson

MD and Piano – Sam Wells
Percussion – Ben Jones

Writer – Sam Thomas
Director – Jordan Scott Turner
Assistant Director – Jennifer Ruth Adams

Playing Friday 23rd August 430pm, Saturday 24th August 6 pm, Sunday 25th August 3 & 6 pm.

Hen and Chickens

109 St Paul’s Road


N1 2NA.


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