Space Age Love Songs written by T L Wiswell.

Space Age Love Songs is an interesting musical play where space has no limits or boundaries. The writer has created a “science fiction fantasia” where we see a relationship blossom between a gay male and a straight female.

Cami played by Reanne Black moves to her new high school due to her Mum’s financial situation. Alienated at her new school for being herself and the deteriorating relationship with her alcoholic mother befriending Daniel is everything to her.

From the Queer genre, it encompasses Queer theory very well where the basic rule to follow is that nothing in the world is “normal “it is about our individual perception of what normal is. Queer theory is one of the very interesting modules I studied at University.

With some great classic numbers from Gary Newman to Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. The out there futuristic soundtrack has been carefully selected to enhance the play.

The storyline struggles in places and sometimes following when Daniel played by Robert Twaddle is a robot in the club to the high school Daniel can cross over leaving you wondering where you are in the performance.

Twaddle is a professional drag queen and this added another depth to his performance especially when he was performing the hatching chicken number in one of the club scenes. Costume designer TL Wiswell created the perfect black lace outfit he was wearing. It was absolutely stunning.

I was completely in awe with Daniel and Matt’s ability to dance in heels that would have made many females wince at the idea of even walking in them let alone dance. Both of the guys made it look effortless.

Although I enjoyed sections of this production it still needs to sort out some of the clarity as to where the characters are in certain scenes. This lays at the hands of the director though as the very talented cast of five all worked extremely hard. In what looks like a very exhausting and energetic performance.

Three Stars.

21st-25th August at 9 pm.

Hen and Chickens

109 St Paul’s Road


N1 2NA.


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