Mallets by Rex Fisher.

Mallets by Rex Fisher is the first play bought to the stage by A Dogfish Production.

The quintessential English croquet playing Sam portrays the stereotypical middle to upper-class fellow. Frustrated with his grass, mallets and life generally. He moans to his long-suffering wife Philippa, who tolerates his ranting as their guests are running extremely late.

The concept played around within the play that “thank you” is the new “sorry” was well acted out and by the end of it Sam’s character had made a convincing argument that this could be the case.

When Katie finally arrives minus, Howard. Sam decides it’s time to continue moaning and berating his long-standing friend to the point of spilling secrets out into the conversation.

There are some very funny scenes within the play. Alongside some dark and manipulative themes which erupt violently and very quickly.

Delivering plot twists in a play is never an easy thing to pull off convincingly. Director Felix Firth has managed to superbly execute this in the production, I genuinely did not see that scene about to happen!

Three Stars


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