The Rebirth of Meadow Rain written and performed by Hannah Moss.

The Rebirth of Meadow Rain explores Coercive control through the story of Meadow and her relationship with Terry. From the loving kind and caring perfect man, in the beginning, turning rapidly into the manipulative, violent and dangerous toxic situation she needs to escape from for her own safety.

Meadows life long friendship with Miranda becomes fractured as she can see what is happening to Meadow and when asked what she thinks of Terry and dares to be honest, told that she is just jealous!

The darker of the side of this horrendous story is presented in a gentle almost subtle manner that you are questioning if it’s ok or not. Although you know it isn’t. The sexual assault that takes place towards the end of the play has been written sensitively and although it’s not graphic it leaves an uncomfortable feeling with you.

The audience participation in this production takes place at various stages. Partly making the situation awkward especially when Meadow asks you to shout out names at her. I refused point-blank as I couldn’t do it. A very clever device used to unsettle the audience out of their comfort zone. A theme that often runs through abusive situations where you are awkward and uncomfortable in public.

The subtle way in which domestic abuse takes over your life with a perpetrator looks different from the inside. Meadow knows something is wrong but to the outside world she wants to portray that what she has is real.

There are many elements in this play that can be found triggering and the warning before the play was very considerate. This was followed up at the end with a card offering help and support.

Four Stars.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing Domestic Abuse there are links here:




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