The Trial by Franko Figuierdo.

The Trial was written and directed by Franko Figueiredo the play has been influenced by his own experiences and set in a small village in Brasil similar to the one he returned to. Where being different or LGBT is shocking and something to fear out of ignorance and prejudice!

A Shocking tale of hatred and fear bought to life by the extremely talented actress and musician Ines Sampaio in the role of Tieta a trans woman returning to her small Brazilian community, Ines is pictured above.

Tieta’s costume and bold makeup were stunning. She was in control of this shocking moving and extremely thought to provoke play throughout the whole performance. Attitudes certainly need to change although it requires a certain level of educating to achieve this.

After Tieta has been brutally attacked The Trial that takes place against the perpetrators. The decision of the outcome is made by audience participation. Split into four groups they discuss their decision and then the chosen spokesman for each group passes on their verdict. An unusual addition to a play. Although it’s a very good idea as the play will vary each time depending on the audience.

Personally, I struggle with productions like these. Not because I don’t understand but I am totally bewildered at people’s attitudes and the inability to accept people for who they are. Tieta didn’t do anything wrong and only became persecuted by those who feared her. Society still has a long way to go before everyone can live in peace.

Four Stars.


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