Little Wings by Pace Rep Company.

Pace rep company are making their debut appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe during the 2019 season. Founded in 1988 they run the largest youth theatre in the country with over 1000 young people attending each week.Isabella has always felt like she has “little wings” fluttering around inside her stomach! The storytelling production of Little Wings is aimed at 5-8-year-olds the younger members of the Fringe audience. It is a beautifully told tale of overcoming fears and learning to fly your own journey in life.Sisters Isabella (Iona Ramsey) and Iris (Andrea Cano Molina) rarely get on for very long. Isabella is peaceful and loves reading her books and lives her life by lists and order. Iris is a chaotic ball of energy waiting to run towards the next volcano. Embracing everything life has to offer.Arlo (Allan Othieno) befriends Isabella during the story helping her to understand what the butterflies are and to move forward in her relationships.Looking at the themes of emotions and feelings. There is a particular scene where each emotion is highlighted and the feelings surrounding it which you might experience are described. This was delivered in simple terms which are perfect for children and adults alike as it’s not always easy to make sense of how you feel at times.The sheet monster created from a tambourine and dark coloured sheet was a simple design built in front of the audience. The idea is really good and effective to bring the creation to life adding a temporary fourth character into the story.Although aimed at a younger audience it’s a beautifully constructed play that as an adult you can take away with you a different perspective on the way you feel and accept that it ok to feel even if it’s negative at times. They pose the question “Is anyone meant to be anyone?” That is for you the audience to decide!Four Stars.


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