2ELFth Night by Keane and Doyle.

Adrian Keane and Alan Doyle present Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night as you will never have seen it before. Their surnames almost appear to be created as a working double act “Doyle and Keane” has a nice ring to it. With parts of their show performed in the style of improv you never will see it again either.

The part scripted, part improv performance is such a great twist on the original production. The storyline follows The Twelfth Night structure and base for all the characters that feature during the show.

The duo works together in sync and follows each other’s cues with what appears to be complete ease. However, with so many themes and quick costume changes taking place, I admire the way they never falter or pop on the wrong wig.

Every show is going to be slightly different due to the audiences participation as well as their style of improv. This evenings audience was partly made up of actors from other shows too which also included their props. Any act capable of being able to improv to that level deserves to be admired.

Sound effects are performed by the audience too while either Doyle or Keane conduct them while performing their next part. Adding plenty of laughs and atmosphere to the play.

Their unique style and ability to entertain what appears to be a slightly disjointed and chaotic script while at the same time keep the audience engaged deserves a well-participated show at the Edinburgh Fringe. I really hope they come back next year with another great adaptation.

Four Stars.



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