Drowning by Jessica Ross.

The harrowing true story of the four Austrian nurses Maria Gruber, Irene Leidolf, Stephanija Meyer, and Waltraud Wagner who worked at the Geriatriezentrum am Wienerwald in Lainz, Vienna who between 1983 and 1989 killed 49 patients is told through the play Drowning.

Each of the four women explains their own backstories during the play leading up and during these events taking place. Although we know murder is a crime the way in which Jessica Ross has written the play and the brilliant performances by the cast it’s hard not to feel empathy towards each nurse rather than disgust.

If you believe that the “abused can become the abuser” then this play encapsulates this theory entirely. Each of the four actresses plays their part brilliantly with passion and conviction and you cannot help but the question did each murder victim actually want to die and not suffer anymore?

Was their crime murder or were they simply doing an act of mercy? That is ultimately up to the audience to decide for themselves. There isn’t any bloodshed or horrific murder scenes. They murdered each patient as humanely as they saw fit!

One of the absolute must see productions at the 2019 Fringe.

Five Stars.

Pleasance Courtyard (Above) from 31st July

Box Office Tickets are available from http://www.pleasance.co.uk or 0131 556 6550.
Previews: £7
Early Week: £9 (£8)
Midweek: £10 (£9)
Weekend: £11 (£10)

Writer Jessica Ross

Director Steven Roy

Executive Producer Carrie-Anne Moss

Waltraud Evelyn Edwards
Stephanie Andrea Helene
Maria Aurora Henning
Irene Jessica Ross

Twitter @drowningplay, #isitmurderormercy, @SFTWshows, @ThePleasance

Instagram @drowningtheplay

Website http://www.drowningtheplay.com

Notes Ages 14+ contains adult themes and content including some scenes of
violence and some strong language.


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