Birth by Theatre RE.

After hearing so much about this Theatre company previously successful productions. Birth has been the first play of their performances I have managed to see and I was not at all disappointed.

Three generations of one family dealing with births, deaths and marriages are depicted in this production predominantly through the cast of five’s amazing acting abilities. There are keywords and names smattered throughout the performance but these seem to be irrelevant.

The brilliantly choreographed acting from the cast of five speaks far greater than any spoken script could have done these stories any justice. Director Guillaume Pigé sensitively raises awareness of how families deal with trauma surrounding miscarriage and how so many families keep secrets well hidden from generation to generation.

The waves of time are beautifully depicted on stage with the cast using the large white sail style sheet rolling backwards and forwards over the set ever-changing the stages landscape and fast-moving timeline.

Spanning over three generations. Watching Birth you realise that Grandmother, Mother and Daughter have all shared the painful experience of miscarriage. Poignantly acted as each generation chase the next around the stage reaching out to help the other and somehow never managing to catch them.

It’s not an easy play to watch although it is captivating. The stage has an ever-changing landscape which keeps the audience engaged and mesmerised as the actors emerge from under the waves of the sheet at times with such grace it seems they appeared by magic.

Composer and musician Alex Judd have created an amazing musical score that compliments and drives the story onwards. Capturing each scene and emotion with precise accuracy.

Theatre Re in association with Glynis Henderson Productions

From 1st-25th August 2019

Pleasance Beyond – Pleasance Courtyard

12 pm daily

Restricted to ages 12 and above


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