Car Park by Huge Davies

Huge Davies has a very creative approach to comedy using his wearable Yamaha keyboard along with the kitchen utensil decoration holding his microphone in place.

The first thing you realise about this comedy show is that you’re not actually in a Car Park! Which is a shame as Davies was going to buy us all a solero!

Focusing a fair portion of his act on Daft Punk splitting up to become Daft Monk which sounds totally surreal and absurd. Yet Davies somehow managed to make this sound like a realistic possibility.

The darker comedy in his set is funny in places. A very intelligent young man who takes his musical score and strange sound effects to another dimension.

Davies has a lot of potentials and could be one to watch in the future in the world of comedy. He now needs to focus on his talents and not heckle his own audience!

Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker Three, 8:15 pm, 31st July – 25th August (not 14th)


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