Love/Sick by Hyacinth Theatre.

Love/Sick is a good first production by the new theatre group Hyacinth Theatre from Oxford University. Their strong LGBT themed relationships run throughout the seven couplings used within the performance.

Within each of the seven short love stories “happy ever after” isn’t an option. They have taken a realistic approach on how we function within relationships from the very beginning to exes encountering each other years on from when they split up.

What makes a relationship work? Regardless of gender or status fundamentally we are all the same. Foibles and quirks prevent many people from falling in love forever.

There are some points during the production which are strangely far fetched especially the married couple where Kelly discusses the likelihood of her being a murderer!

There are some interesting ways in which this company have approached OCD complete with the facts and a clear description of how sufferers thought process works and the therapy required to help recover.

For a 10 am show, it is quite an interesting way to start off your Fringe day.

Three Stars.


Olivia Marshall
Lucy Mae Humphries
Eddie Chapman
Noah Seltzer

Co-Producer/Co-Director: Luke Dunne
Co-Director: Olivia Stakem
Co-Producer: Imogen Howarth
Designer: Nemone Richards
Marketing Manager: Benedict Mee
Stage & Production Manager: Bethan Chalmers
Assistant Stage Manager & Lighting: Emma Hawkins.

The Space on the Mile, Space 1At 10 am from 5th-17th August 2019.

Tickets available from


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