Shakespeare! The Panto by Bristol Panto Society.

Shakespeare! The Panto has one of the largest cast I have seen this season on the Fringe circuit. However ambitious this can be they have succeeded in creating a very funny parody where Bill Shakespeare as he is often referred often to is persuaded to write a pantomime!

Bottom played by Emily Moxley is a cross between Baldrick from the BBC’s Black Adder and the Shakespearean character Bottom. With a lot of sarcasm and mispronounced words, many of the audience were laughing at her wit and quick replies.

Combining Will Shakespeare and Will Smith worked extremely well. The backing singers are very good. The smallish stage area in Space 1 for the larger cast must have been challenging for them at times.

This is definitely an adult and older children show where even “see you next Tuesday ” makes an appearance. The script is tight and you can definitely see they have spent their time tweaking to get it to the high standard it now is. The writer Flora Snelson deserves to be proud of this production.

Four Stars.

Shakespeare! The Panto

Emily Moxley – Bottom
Beth Raithby – Portia
Ross Edwards – Iago
Jemima Lomax – Laurence Olivier
Jemima Carr-Jones – Anne Hathaway
Dolores Hill – Queen Elizabeth I
Zosia Gontar – Guard, Messenger, back end of Clarabelle
Pippa Sloan – Caliban, Falstaff
Faith Donner – Christopher Marlowe, King
Lily Hammond – Sir Toby Belch
Joe Davies – Compere, Barmaid
Nina Smith – Clarabelle front end
Megan Good – Prospero (also Musical Director)
Flora Snelson – Writer and Director

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