Blackadder Goes Forth by Richard Curtis and Ben Elton.

” Gillian Wilkins” (as seen on the left in the photo above) directed this first-class theatre performance. She had chosen each actor effectively for each of the seven characters. All of which bought to life characteristics from the original BBC’s cast.

The attention to details on the set was fantastic with bunk beds made out of pallets, maps on the walls, old style telephone in the box used through the performance and the piles of sandbags which were made from old sacks, filled with sawdust and painted to stop the sawdust escaping. All the set was designed and made by members of the cast. These details can be seen in my photographs.

“Baldrick” played by “Terry James” bought him to life on a parr with “Tony Robinson” from the BBC production and the line a “cunning plan” was executed in the same dry style on numerous occasions. Just don’t ask him to make you a coffee as you will find that it tastes earthy.

“David Wilkins” performed the part of “Blackadder” excellently. His mannerisms, banter tones with Baldrick and sarcastic quips were superb. A very close match to “Rowan Atkinson”. I found him captivating and extremely funny.

The theatre company use the Ritchie Hall to rehearse and perform in. A really nice venue with a good view of the stage from anywhere in the audience. In my estimation, it would seat around 50 people comfortably.

All members of the theatre company that I met were friendly and very welcoming. Only too happy to answer any questions and explain how things had been put together.

I really look forward to seeing and reviewing future performances, should I be invited back.

Well done to all of you.

A great 4-star show.

The show is running from Wednesday 24th October to Saturday 27th October 2018.

Tickets are available online at

Chameleon Theatre Company,

Ritchie Memorial Hall

Hursley Road,

Chandlers Ford, SO53 2FT.

Follow them on facebook: Chameleon Theatre Company-Chandlers Ford


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