Whitewall “Lowry” Art Exhibition.

This weekend Salisbury gallery hosted the “Lowry” event. Which was held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of October? Edward and Olivia were very knowledgeable about “Lowry” and I certainly learnt a few more facts about this artist. One of which was that his first exhibition had been held in France, as many of the impressionists had influenced “Lowry’s” painting.

Whitewall gallery sells a wide range of “Lowry” art. The prices start at £1400.00 and can go up to £3000,000, out of budget for many of us I dare say.

One of my favourite pieces was the simple black and white sketch called “The Pavilion” where it depicts many characters enjoying a day out by the sea in a typical “Lowry” style. The original is housed at the “Tate Britain” and can be viewed by appointment. Perhaps something I might consider doing in the future.

It is always a pleasure to visit this gallery and the manager Edward Williamson has made me feel very welcome there over the past three years. We chat about new and old art. Who is coming next to visiting artist coming to the gallery and how well the last one had gone if I had not attended. There is never any pressure to buy from this shop. I have always felt relaxed visiting.

Art is an investment for the future. This is one place I would recommend visiting if you need impartial advice on who is worth investing in for the future. Personally, I think “Tom Butler” is a name to watch.

This gallery can be found at:

Whitewall Gallery
23 Butchers Raw,
SP1 1EP.

Tel:01722 324241


Email: salisbury@whitewallgalleries.com

Images by Outthere1971


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