“Jesus Christ Super Star” music by Andrew Llyod Webber, Lyrics by Tim Rice.

“Spot On Productions” performed a very good production of “Jesus Christ Super Star” this evening directed by “Adam Myers”. It is showing in “The Point” in Eastleigh, check out the flyer above for details. A really nice theatre venue with good seating and unobstructed views. The staff I encountered were all very helpful and friendly.

The main acting roles were very well cast. The singing roles played by “Matt McGrath” (Jesus) and “Rich Spencer” (Judas) were challenging for any vocalist as the parts demanded very high notes in some of the songs, which I saw them tackle with such determination. The final act where Jesus is crucified is very moving and was acted with conviction.

“King Herod” played by Adam Rush in drag gave an interesting edge to the show. His costume really suited him and he can dance in heels far better than I can walk.

“John Earwood” (Pontius Pilate) had a powerful singing voice which I found a pleasure to listen too and commanded his place on stage. A strong role played by a very strong actor in my opinion.

However, my favourite solo singer and actress in this show was “Holly Ind” (Mary Magdalene). She held her presence on the stage professionally. I could see her performing in a West End musical role in the future. Holly, you were fantastic.

The ensemble actors made the show for me. Their energy, singing and dancing were synchronised excellently. I could see how much work they had put into their performance. “Rory Blincow” and “Jon Chalkley” really stood out to me though and I would like to see them both performing solo parts in a future production. Well done to you all.

The cast did exceptionally well as at times during the performance the microphones intermittently stopped working. None of the cast faltered or let this interrupt their parts, it was very professionally dealt with.

A special mention has to be made to the orchestra. They were split into 4 sections due to the size and layout of the stage. They kept in time with the conductor and performed the score with ease. Well done.

The stage was not large enough for this production and smaller still with the large cross which took up a fair section of floor space. However, it was versatile and moved on wheels allowing it to change use in each scene. From being a stage, table, sleeping rest to the final crucifixion scene. I did think the ensemble worked very well together in the space they did have.

Thank you for your hospitality tonight and programme. Professionally made as any programmes I have bought from a “West End” show.

A great show and definitely worth going to see for a good evening out.

I hope you have a successful run and look forward to possibly reviewing future productions.

The musical is running from 31st October to 3rd November 2018. Check out http://www.thepointeastleigh.co.uk or tel 023 8065 2333 for performance times and ticket prices.

You can follow Spot On Productions @

Facebook @ spoton2016

Instagram @ Spot_On2016

Twitter @SpotOn2016


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