Blue Apple theatre: History of Winchester

Blue Apple theatre company was founded in 2005 by Jane Jessop, as part of Winchester

Mencap and is based in Winchester. The company supports performers with learning disabilities to develop and perform quality performances around the South of England. Please check out the links at the bottom of this blog and read all about them and give them a like or follow on social media. They all thoroughly deserve it.

On Saturday afternoon at 3 pm in The Pilgrims School, I had the pleasure of watching my first official review production by the Blue Apple theatre company. This performance featured 7 actors from their company of over 30. They were also proud to perform in front of Winchester’s Mayor, Cllr Frank Pearson.

Simon Morris introduced me to the cast, who all warmly welcomed me and were enthusiastic to explain to me what they were going to perform. Their enthusiasm for what they are doing is infectious, they clearly get a lot of confidence and enjoyment in their work.

The story started with the dinosaurs, portrayed by cardboard dinosaur costumes. Very well made and bought the narration by Sam to life. He is a very clearly spoken and concise narrator, a pleasure to listen to.

The performance had been very well researched. They introduced the audience to characters from Winchester I had never heard before, on an engaging platform with well thought out props. With well placed comedic lines they kept the audience entertained.

Research the diver of Winchester, an interesting piece of history.

Well done to all of you and I look forward to reviewing future performances if you will welcome me back.

Keep up the good work.


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