A week on.

The Edinburgh Fringe this year has bought life-changing experiences for me. My confidence has grown in abundance.

I had the privilege of meeting David Graham. I am looking forward to returning next year and reviewing for him on a more official capacity.

The new theatre performances I saw were of an extremely high standard. The writers, directors and actors deserve to be proud of their hard work. I look forward to staying in touch with many of them and hopefully review their future productions.

Congratulations to Christina for winning the “Sit up award” with Dangerous Giant Animals. A strong emotive biographical theatre production. I was transfixed by her performance.

Well done Rosie on your larger audiences this year and far larger venue. See you next year if not before.

It was a shame that “Gutted” only had one week at the Fringe. More audience viewers could have seen a great production. I would like to see this again.

I have made new friends and look forward to supporting their work in the coming year until we can do it all again. Kelsey, I hope you are there next year at the same time as I am. See you in September Dave.

Upon my return, I have contacted local theatres hoping to get a break onto their reviewer’s lists in an official capacity. Only one so far has been in touch. Fingers crossed I get a break, if not I will do my own reviews on my chosen theatre trips.

If anybody reading my blog would like their work reviewed then please contact me. Thank you in advance.

Thank you, Nina, for persuading me to put my skills into practice.


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