Blue Apple Theatre: The story of three women from Winchester in the 19th Century.

An entertaining interactive theatre performance. The audience put on headphones and were to follow the instructions given. We were partly told the story of three prominent ladies in the C19th, who all walked the streets of Winchester. We listened to pre-recorded narration by the 4 main cast members and joined by James from “Blue Apple” for one part. The music was supplied by the female acapella choir from Fair Oak.

They were asking us to look around and see what was real. To consider what was really important in life, for example, equality.

The experience was personal as you are shut off by the headphones from the outside voices. However, it is collective too as the entire group are listening to the same dialogue. The rest of the onlookers in the close are probably intrigued about what you are hearing as they shut out. Unusual for street theatre as it is usually all-encompassing.

The audience became part of the theatre performance as they followed dance moves, shaking arms and legs and take part in the conga. Looking around at other audience performers they were enjoying it too and the smiles were genuine.

A very well executed piece of interactive theatre. This would well at the Edinburgh Fringe or in an area at the Tate Modern where they experiment with visual art/theatre. I can see this of the project working well in the future with other key figures in history.

Well done my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommended it to some friends who went to a later performance.

I am looking forward to reviewing for you in the future, as you experiment with different theatre platforms.



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