Face 2 Face

When I first met two of the cast in the street handing out flyers, I was impressed with how personable they were and explained clearly a brief synopsis about their play. I was sold.

The play depicts a world where people have become enslaved by phones, gadgets, technology and robots. A world that is rapidly becoming a reality, as we spend less time communicating with each other.

The leading protagonists Emma and Ben begin to fall in love the “old fashioned way” by talking to each other, first meeting in the same coffee shop where Ben’s parents had first met.

Ben and Emma have turned their back on technology and prefer interacting with people “Face 2 Face”. A rare thing to find in the society they live in.

I was not expecting the ending. Please go and see it find out what happens!

A very well written and performed theatre piece, with some well-placed humour. I will be interested in seeing future productions from this group as I see the potential for this team.

Well done all of you.

4 stars from me

They are in their final week at Edinburgh in the space@ Surgeons Hall, venue 53

Twitter @stonesbird

Instagram @stonesbird


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