As the fringe enters the final week. Gutted made it’s debut performance this morning.

The cast comprises of three versatile talented young actresses. They lead the audience through life in Dublin while working in a fish market. They tackle issues of rape, growing pains as adolescents, the anti-abortion laws in Ireland, the recent referendum, stigmas around single parenthood, drug abuse and many more.

There is a danger in losing the audience when so many issues are raised in one play. However, this production will keep you fully engaged with their performance.

The face-paced dialogues are excellently delivered in strong Irish accents with well-paced comedy throughout.

I was thoroughly engaged with this performance.

For any fans of “Young Offenders” on BBC3, this is a must-see play.

Well done Sharon Byrne, I look forward to seeing future work.

The play is available at Venue 38 the Space triplex @ 10.30am and 5 pm daily.


4 stars


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