Gypsy Queen

Dane and George are boxers in a dominant heterosexual male environment. Dane’s father runs the club and is fully aware that his son is gay, and is acceptable as long as it does not get out! George arrives as an up and coming champion and does not want to admit he is gay, as he comes from a travellers family and is being pressured by his Mum to find a “nice girl”.

Their relationship kindles in a very powerful scene in the changing room.

The physical intimate scenes in this production leave nothing to the imagination, they could have easily become sleazy and spoilt this beautifully written piece of theatre. However, they are written with attention to detail and add another depth to this play enhancing the characters blossoming relationship.

Brilliant production raising social awareness around the struggle the LGBT community face in the sporting industry.

Both actors morph between playing heterosexual roles and their main gay characters with believable ease.

I appreciate this is not to everybody’s taste though. However, without writers raising these important issues how is society going to understand and change attitudes. Step out of your comfort zones and check this play out.

It is on at the Assembly, George Square, studio 5 at 13.20. Check the box office for availability.

Well done to all of you involved in this production.

(contains strong language, nudity and scenes of a sexual nature)

@GypsyQueenTour @Hopetc

4 stars


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