Dangerous Giant Animals

This incredibly well written and performed biographical theatre production is a must-see for anyone at the Fringe.

Today’s performance was captioned and Christina wants to run performances offering more disabled access. Check times and dates for these specific performances.

The story tells it from the siblings perspective of living with a disabled younger sister with a host of disabilities and very demanding needs. The pressure, struggle and coping mechanism they learned as a family is described in detail and acted out, right down to the family separation. Christina engages everyone in the theatre as she commands the stage.

Christina is well spoken, clear and passionate in her performance.

I defy anyone not to be moved in some way while watching. The audience is challenged and removed from their comfort zone as they witness violence and anger, that is kept locked behind closed doors by families who cope in these situations day to day.

More understanding, support and awareness about this subject needs to be spoken about in my opinion. Knowledge dispels ignorance.

Dangerous Giant Animals is a moving and brilliant piece of theatre. Check for availability at the Fringe ticket offices.

I would rate this four and a half stars. Fantastic.

Twitter @DGAplay


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