Mervyn Stutter

“Mr Stutter dude” a reference to his very funny radio 4 comedy Going nowhere fast” for any fans out there. The show “Pick of the fringe” has been running for 27 years.

The audience is entertained for an hour and a half with a selection of shows from across the fringe. Bitesize portions of each show can help you decide on any future shows you might like to see.

Today’s selection saw; Elvis singer, Magician, Swiss all round entertaining double act, musical cast, a one lady play on Wallis-Simpson, Financial gameshow and a Dads Army show.

Mervyn Stutter adds his own humour and unique style to the show, in his vibrant bright pink suit. I am biased as I have followed his work for years and thoroughly enjoy it.

A real must for anyone stuck for show ideas at the fringe. You will be entertained at least even if you do not decide to see any of them.

He is on at venue 33 Pleasance one at 12.45pm.


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