Brenda’s Got a Baby.

A play set in the present about two sisters from a working-class family. Brenda is about to leave school and cannot decide between a job at the supermarket or having a baby. The thought that the character’s ignorance limited her to only see two options for the rest of her life was disappointing, in so much as this attitude is still present in society.

The older sister Amy has a strong ambition to do something more with her life and receives an email confirming her place at University. At the same point, Brenda discovers she is pregnant. Which overshadows Amy’s news.

The plot develops over the three-year University degree.

The sister’s relationship is under strain as they feel estranged from each other. Neither feels they fit in with each other’s world anymore, and arguments ensue. Amy’s struggles are harder in my opinion as she struggles to fit in at Uni being “Northern working class” and no longer fitting in at home as she is seen by them as rising to “Middle class”.

The recorded conversations in which one of the cast members is interviewing Mum’s experiences of having babies bring in a depth of reality to the play. Unfortunately, there was a technical issue during one costume change which left an awkward silence.

How big of a social issue is this nowadays and what can be done to change young peoples attitudes in the future? Important topics to be addressed. Research which could be posted via a link printed on the handout. They clearly did the research to have been able to put on a thought-provoking theatre production.

If social issues interest you go and check this out at venue 36, The Hilton.

Well done you have worked really hard on this.

Check the company out



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