The noise next doors’s

These 4 guys are engaging and hilarious from the start.

The chaotic and adlib comedy, loosely scripted with a lot of audiences led improvisation is set on a pirate ship in search of a nasty Pirate who needs to be dealt with! Nobody can tell you what to expect to see as the show will vary every day.

One scene when they bring out the “pearls of wisdom” is comedy gold in my opinion. The two guys in the clam have no idea what questions will be asked and bluff through it in their unique style. The look of confusion on their faces at times alone made me laugh.

Fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled, quick thinking comedy show that I defy anyone not to laugh at, at some point during their performance.

I attended the family show at the Gilded Balloon. However, they do an adult show at the Pleasance at 10.50pm with guests attending which is on my to see list while at the Fringe.

I haven’t laughed so much at any other show in Edinburgh yet. These guys get a 5-star comedy rating from me. I will signpost anyone wanting comedy in their direction.

Check them out @noisenextdoor on twitter


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