Do not let the title of this production put you off going to see this.

Set at Christmas time on a council estate in a run-down area of Hull. This one-man monologue takes you through the struggle of a young adult trying to stop his younger brother being taken away by the “silver car”.

The car turns up to remove “Matty” and the monologue bursts into life once they jump out the window to escape. Running through the estates and run down areas in an attempt to find a new life. After a dramatic short journey, it ends surrounded by police and sirens at the edge of a cliff.

Rhyming couplets build up the dramatic sections of the play brilliantly. Changing the tempo of the play each time, keeping the audience engaged.

The only character named is “Matty” the younger brother. Mum and Dad are both absent in the children’s life, Dad had left them and Mum is a drunk permanently in an alcoholic coma. The protagonist never introduces himself, believing his life is pointless and he is not worth caring about.

The play begins and ends with the same scene. I was left wondering if the story had been a fantasy in his imagination or whether he is a ghost. You decide.

His performance could easily be distracted by the activity going on next to this theatre area as it is very loud with some badly timed music playing. He appears immersed in the character and remains engaged, unhindered by this distraction. In this performance, the whole audience was engaged too and did not appear to be distracted by it either. Well done.

I would give this 4 stars and thoroughly recommend seeing it. Playing at the Gilded Balloon throughout the Fringe at 12.30 pm. Check this one out.


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