Dave Chawner Mental

Dave Chawner combines comedy with his own struggle with anorexia.

The opening line of his show “If it gets too much please do not get triggered you are free to leave” is an excellent start in my opinion.

In the 50 minute show, the audience laughs, learn about different counselling therapies, coping mechanisms and how mental illness is caused by the imbalance of chemicals in the brain.

One of the lines about the statistic of “70% of mental health unreported” how can this not be comedy gold.

The show focuses on good mental health and self-care. Dave asks the audience to tweet him the methods they use when facing a stressful situation. Just do not bend over and count to 10 on a crowded train with a backpack on!

Daves ambition is to take mental health education into schools and remove the stigma that only girls suffer from anorexia. Understanding your own mental health issues is the first part of recovery.

His new book “Weight Expectations” is out now.

If you fancy a good laugh and some education check out the free Fringe show at 7.20pm in the Laughing horse, Counting House.

A great 4 stars from me.



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