Georgia and the Iceberg presented by Dorset Born.

Combining children’s entertainment and raising awareness of the imminent problems creating global warming in Antarctica. Twelve year old Georgia (Flossie Zoe) travels to Antarctica to spend the summer holidays with her older sister Helena (Zoe May Dales), a scientist studying penguins. All her friends are spending their summer doing far more “exciting” things like sun bathing, and she’s stuck there!

The adventure begins surrounded by penguins and the stench of guano (penguin poo) which is one of the areas Helena is studying in Antarctica. Explaining all the information that can be obtained from it. I didn’t realise it was one of the things along with the Great Wall of China that is visible from space. Allowing satellites to track penguin migration.

The star of the show has to be the puppetry penguin operated by Dales. They talk, interact with the audience, and converse with Georgia. I thought they were enchanting and cheeky. It reminded me of when my twenty something adults boys used to be fascinated with Pingu on the television when they were much younger.

There’s a level of suspension of disbelief as the twelve year sets out across the ice to save the penguins from the imminent Iceberg. With only a rucksack and rain coat, she isn’t exactly prepared for an Antarctic trek across the ice. I do accept that I am looking at this from an adult perspective.

It’s fun, educational, and interactive with the some of younger audience members invited onto the stage to participate. David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg both feature in the production. Important figures in the fight against global warming and the devastating impact “man” has been creating for many years.

Georgia and the Iceberg is currently on tour. I would highly recommend taking the family to watch this. Its suitable for all ages and an important topic that we should all be concerned about.

For further information about Dorset Bred and this production, please visit the links below.

Four Stars.


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