National Theatre experience at Theatre Royal Winchester.

Live screenings in local cinemas and Theatres across the country from the National Theatre take away the stress and expense of traveling into London, especially in the uncertain climate of the train strike that we are currently experiencing.

Winchester Theatre Royal proved to be a comfortable and welcoming venue to spend a Sunday evening in front of the live streamed NTL performance.

Watching Othello on the big screen knowing that I am only twenty minutes from home made a difference after an almost three-hour performance divided into two eighty-minute acts with roughly a twenty-minute interval. The advantage of watching the production on the big screen is the close-up camera work. Watching the facial expressions and body language closer is an experience often missed in large Theatre venues.

With a well stocked bar and a nice range of freshly made hot beverages there’s a great choice to help quench your thirst or some snacks depending on whether you prefer sweet or savoury. Treat yourself to an ice cream of luxury crisps if that’s your preference.

I can highly recommend visiting Theatre Royal Winchester for all of its other events and performances that take place too. My only suggestion for future NTL screenings would be to slightly turn up the volume next time. The usual auditorium fidgeting and coughing made it slightly harder to hear at times. Apart from that it was a really lovely evening out watching Othello.

For more information on future productions and NTL live performances coming to Winchester Theatre Royal, please use the link below.

Photo credits Myah Jeffers.


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