Their Finest Hour by Steve Darlow.

Fighting High and for George productions pay honour to many of the heroes and unsung heroes of World War II through Their Finest Hour. Bringing to the stage the story of the war that took place in the skies through the timeline history of the RAF. Dangerous missions, deadly sunrises, and unchartered territories map out on stage. With many fatalities along the way.

Jamie Dunlop (Patrick Lock) predominantly narrates the performance. Friends of the recently deceased family discover their Granddad’s wartime memories and read private letters which had remained locked away since the end of the war. Standing to the side dressed in uniform he confidently retells the stories.

Older cast member Peter Pearson adds authority to the production. Bringing the famous historical figures of the time to live from Winston Churchill to Neville Chamberlain. As a voiceover artist with a range of voices,  Pearson added authenticity to each role.

However, the second narrator in my opinion belonged to Tabitha Baines. Singing many songs from World War II times. Many audience members might not be familiar with some of the famous pilots featured in the play. Yet the songs chosen will be far more universally identified and delivered by an incredible singer.

The fighter scenes came to life in several scenes. Moving the dining chairs onstage into numerous positions, allowing the suspension of disbelief to see them become a Lancaster Bomber or Mosquito flying into Berlin or Dunkirk attacking the Germans.

Costume designer Anne ‘Bam’ Thomson creates a fantastic display of uniforms, European hats, and period outfits worn by the cast. the weather-beaten jumpers, in particular, worn by the prisoners of war, added a dramatic impact to the situation they found themselves in.

Steeped in historical research, first-hand experiences, and some harrowing insights into the dreadful atrocities that took place during the Second World War. However, these fascinating insights are times too drawn out and would benefit from editing in order to help the production flow smoother. Although the staging and scenery certainly added a layer of authenticity to the overall production.

Running from the 8th to 26th March at Waterloo East Theatre. Please use the links below for more information and ticket bookings.

Four Stars


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