The War Inside by Camille Dawson.

Entering a small shipping container is certainly a new experience for me at the Vaults Festival. The War Inside billed as a sonic theatre experience certainly lives up to the title. Based on the true experiences of its author Camille Dawson.

Dealing with bowel disease at a young age isn’t something anyone expects to deal with. The experience isn’t based upon the patient’s emotional roller coaster, we travel inside the body and listen to the white and red blood cells prepare for war. Intrigued? Good, it’s a journey of how the organs could be perceived to tackle a disease threatening to maim the host.

The audio production is delivered through headphones. Each participant has their listening pod, where there are cushions or a chair to sit on with a nice fleece blanket to wrap up into. Take a seat, pop on the face mask, and let yourself immerse into the body and listen to the “war” play out before you.

The thirty minute production would be an ideal pod cast or short radio play similar to those on Radio 4. Informative and entertaining, there is definitely an audience for this style of production.

The War Inside is the first production in a series being released in the autumn at the Albany Theatre. I am intrigued to see what the talented creative team will be bringing to the Theatre. If it is anything like this one, they’ll be excellent listening.

Four Stars

Please use the link below to find out more information.

The War Inside


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