The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland staged version by Wise Owl Theatre Company has been superbly adapted from the original book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll published in 1865, bringing a wonderful family show to the stage. Combining imagination, songs and an invitation to the Mad Hatters Tea Party, just watch out for the hiding mouse.

Alice is inquisitive, bright and always looking for her next adventure through her imagination. Well, let the adventures unfold as she enters the surreal world of Wonderland.

My favourite character in the show has to be the glamorous caterpillar who Alice embarks upon in the garden. The caterpillar is awaiting the transformation into a butterfly while munching through cabbage leaves. The range of sparkly shoes complimenting the multi-coloured pupa costume was stunning. Her Operatic numbers from Madame Butterfly and Carmen were fantastic.

All of the well-known characters feature in the performance. The crazy conversations taking place between the Mad Hatter and The Hare at the famous Mad Hatters Tea Party are fast-paced and somewhat bizarre, yet very funny. The Queen makes a regal appearance threatening to behead nearly everyone around her, making you question why anyone still lives in Wonderland.

The self-contained staging begins in the family home’s attic which is full of family heirlooms, Alice’s haven where she escapes on stormy days like today. Her imagination takes her on many adventures through the items she finds up there. The attic opens up to reveal the world of Wonderland where the surreal adventures begin.

The puppetry used throughout the performance is of an extremely high standard which is no surprise as Matthew Forbes, associate puppetry director at the National Theatre as part of the creative team from War Horse and now in the Lion King, designed the ones being used. We first see the white rabbit bounce through the auditorium on his quest to find the red paint. To the larger life, Cheshire Cat divides into four sections allowing the character to circle Alice confusingly as seen in the original book.

For more information on this play, future productions at the Theatre Royal Winchester and the Wise Owl Theatre company, please use the links below.

Four Stars.

Photos used from The Wise Owl Theatre company‘s Facebook page.


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