The Boy who Fell into a Book by Alan Ayckbourn.

James Forth brings The Boy who Fell into a Book to life this October half term at The Tower Theatre in Stoke Newington. One of Alan Ayckbourn’s classic British family play watches Kevin Carter become absorbed into the covers of his favourite characters’ crime stories and join him on the quest to help him escape the furnace and destroy The Green Shark.

Based on a cross between Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) the hapless detective in Walt Disneys Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Raymund Chandler’s fictional detective Philip Marlowe. Complete with the iconic brown mac and a hat. Matt Cranfield is the perfect choice for the role of Detective Rockfist. Complete with an unshaven dishevelled look and sharp enquiring mind.

Six books feature throughout the performance from the initial Detective story, Chess for Beginners to Grimm Fairy Tales by Grimms Brothers. Rumplestiltskin also makes a guest appearance while he is on his quest to steal the Queen’s baby. Before we are introduced to Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf.

I especially liked the vast range of costumes designed by Lynda Twidale. From the aptly designed pyjamas depicting Detective Rockfist Slim worn by Kevin, Little Red Riding Hood’s stunning red cape to the amazing chess piece costumes. The White Queen looked especially regal upon entering the stage before she trumps and banishes the Knight and Bishop from the chess board.

Director John Chapman has worked at Tower Theatre in various roles since 2012. He has been associated with Alan Ayckbourn’s work for many years and can safely add this latest production to his list of successfully directed plays.

One piece of advice before going to see The Boy Who Fell into a Book is to arrive in the auditorium about fifteen minutes early as there’s something to watch before the play begins.

For more information on this play and future productions at Tower Theatre please use the links below.

Four Stars.


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