Who Killed ‘Agatha’ Christie? by Tudor Gates.

If you’re expecting to watch an adopted play from the pen of the famous author Agatha Christie then you might feel slightly disappointed when you realise it isn’t. However, the plotline, twists and turns fail to disappoint and draw the audience into the storyline with bated breath.

Theatre critic Arthur Christie (David Gilbrook) has reviewed hundreds of plays during his long esteemed career. Destroying the playwright’s careers along the way is just part of his “subjective appraisal” and he certainly cannot be held responsible. However, playwright John Terry (John Goodrum) doesn’t share this opinion and has finally had enough of feeling on the outside of the literacy elite. But just how far will go to get revenge?

Christie reiterated many times in his reviews how “absurd and melodramatic” Terry’s plays were when he had reviewed them. However, the over melodramatic plot now being performed to destroy Christie leaves nothing to chance. From the tampered taped betrayal between his boyfriend, Brian Coombes and Terry’s fantasy wife Joanne Terry appears life-like as their tryst is taking place in the flat below them to their murders.

The strong reactions by Terry as he listens in to the couple “having sex” on his tape machine add to the dramatic effect. Goodrum’s sinister and calculated performance is disturbing at times.

As the plot unfolds we witness the fine details and exceptional mind behind the proposed “perfect murder” of Christie. Terry is far from inadequate and has the understanding and skills equal Christie’s literary elite status.

Gilbrook’s performance as a sufferer of angina was superb. Grasping his side, stumbling around the stage while desperately clinging onto his final moments of life while taunted by Terry who refuses to give back the life-saving medication.

As a critic watching this performance I left with an uncomfortable feeling. Criticising anyone can leave one open to repercussions.

For more information on this production please use the links below.

Four Stars



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