Crimes on Centre Court by New Old Friends.

When it comes to a good old-fashioned whodunit-style comedy. New Old Friends bring Crimes on Centre Court to the stage. Delivering an excellent service in concluding who murdered Lord Knows (Emile Clarke).

Lord Knows senior is murdered while eating his strawberries and cream laced with Brandy. His son the new Lord Hugh Knows returns to take over the helm. After all the tennis tournament at Wombledon Court must still take place. However, as the murders increase just how safe is anyone involved in the tournament?

PPDA is called in to help solve the case. Penny Pink (Sedona Rose) and Perry Pink (Ben Thornton) try to blend into the scenery and find out who murdered Lord Knows. However, Officer Cuthbert (Kirsty Cox) is called in as the bodies stack up and it all becomes rather dangerous.

The fantastic range of characters is performed throughout the play by the talented cast of four, From the well-groomed hedges to the landed gentry. Their role changes take place smoothly yet as the action speeds up at the end there is a comedic sense of urgency as the character’s headwear is the only part changed.

The highlight of the production is the amazingly talented singing hedges and scrubbery. Who better to keep the audience entertained between the scenes. Honestly seeing is believing.

Listening carefully you hear the mention of many infamous names associated with the tennis world. From the mention of “Fred” Digby and “Perry” Pink to the hot heated American player “Jon” presumably based upon John McEnroe when he shouts at the linesman “you cannot be serious”. It’s cleverly crafted and a fitting tribute to the real-life characters who shaped the game.

Writer and director Fergus Woods Dunlop has certainly won the audience over “game, set and match” with the brilliantly funny Crimes on Centre Court. Directing a large cast of characters with only four actors is a superb achievement.

For more information on the upcoming tour and remaining performances at Theatre Royal, Winchester please use the links below.

Four Stars

Crimes on Centre Court


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