Medico by Stefania Licari.

Billed as a Theatre performance more exciting than the American television series “ER” Medico takes the audience through Stefania Licari’s medical training and her experiences from working in A&E to Intensive Care departments, through her comedic alter ego to educate and entertain audiences.

Licari kindly asks the audience at the beginning of the show if they should have a medical emergency during her performance please can it wait until the end of the show. For some reason, she’s a little bit busy during that time.

Candidly approaching all the first-hand experiences in the hospitals where Licari trained led to this warts and all creation, Medico. The gallows humour is often associated with those who work in the medical sector. She has her trusty skeleton to help her with the more technical aspect of the show.

Growing up in Milan, Italy with Sicilian family roots and now a British citizen. Licari reminisces over home and her native cuisine with fond memories as she compares it to our typically British damp cold days that soak into evey bone.

The production covers many of their varied experiences and talks about her love of the job. Be prepared to have a lesson on how to analyse urine! Licari has warmth and humour throughout the performance and is one of those Doctors I would trust with my life.

For more information on the performance please use the links below. Hopefully this will come back to the stage next year for the Edinburgh Fringe.

Four Stars.


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