Landscape with Weapon by Joe Penhall.

Behind every deadly weapon, nuclear bomb and latest weapon technology lies an engineer and a team of scientists working on creating something stronger and more accurate than weapons currently on the market. Where the government then takes over these designs to trade their arms and manipulate the world market.

Landscape with Weapons focuses on Ned (Danny Szam) whose deadly vision is to create a flock of drones capable of taking out enemies that are hiding in buildings or underground with horrifying precision. Therefore eliminating the need for mass killing and destruction of civilians often caught up in the firing line.

Brothers Dan (James Robinson) and Ned appear worlds apart at first as they try to understand each other’s world. Yet when Dan explains his venture into the world of botox Ned attempts to take the moral high ground over his brother putting “snake venom” into customers’ faces.

Suzy Bloom’s performance as Ross the government official responsible for obtaining Ned’s signature to sign over the rights for his designs and software begins with a friendly approach, as he questions the motivation behind the officials as to where these will end up she has to change her tactics to make him see “sense” with the help of Brooks (Malcolm Jeffries).

The Cockpit Theatre boasts a large stage area befitting of the large blueprint-designed floor tiles reflecting the images Ned sees when creating his designs. The three sections of surrounding seats allow the entire audience a good view of the action.

Overall the strong cast of four delivers a thought-provoking insight into the world of arms and double-dealing that one suspects will go on behind closed doors. Although first night nerves were evident and the ending appeared to cut off without any clear conclusions unless we are meant to never know how engineers in Ned’s position end their days.

For more information on the run currently showing from the 13th-18th of September at the Cockpit Theatre please use the link below.

Four Stars.

Photo credit Giacomo Giannelli

Dan ……………..James Robinson
Ned …………………..Danny Szam
Ross .………………… Suzy Bloom
Brooks ………. Malcolm Jeffries

Director ……………Jason Moore
Set floor & costume design …. Ian Nicholas
Sound/Lighting design .… Jonny Danciger


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