Mrs Simpson Gets Divorced by Suzanne Hawkes.

Suzanne Hawkes has written and directed an interesting insight into what possibly took place in the six weeks that the infamous Mrs Simpson spent in Felixstowe awaiting the divorce from her soon-to-be ex-husband Ernest allowing her to be in a position to be with HRH Edward.

Petra Risbridger has an incredibly gracious and grand presence on the stage in the role of Mrs Simpson. Complete with the famous strong of pearls and tightly pinned hairstyle we see depicted in old photographs.

The heartfelt correspondence between Simpson and Ernest is laced with regret, affection and devotion. Neither fully understand why they have reached this decision to separate and divorce yet the couple realise that they have left it too late to reconcile their marriage.

Musical accompaniment by Bill and Stephanie Stoddart is a nice addition although they would benefit from enough room to have been placed to one side of the stage. Though, In Fringe Theatre this is rarely possible.

I don’t have much knowledge about these historical events. Although I felt comfortable with the cast’s solid performance that it was established by a good quantity of facts and evidence.

This isn’t going to be one of the performances to take Edinburgh by “storm” this year. Yet it does make for a nice gentle easy-to-watch play for an afternoon away from the busy streets of the Fringe nestled in the intriguing Riddles Court Venue, please look up while you’re there it’s an extraordinary building.

For more information about the play and to book tickets please use the link below.

Three Stars


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