Head/Lining by Charlie Heptinstall.

Since reviewing Head/Lining in July 2021 at the Pleasance in London the production has become stronger and louder as Charlie Heptinstall has developed and grown far more confident in his performance.

Heptinstall demonstrates by combining rap lyrics, songs and narrative the effects depression and anger can have on your mind after being bought up in horrendous family conditions.

Breaking through the fourth wall on occasions in order to drag you back into the present after just experiencing the chaos and confusion of his mental health.

With strong themes of anger, mental health, violence, sexual assault and depression it’s a fringe performance you experience as well as watch. Don’t be put off though as it touches your heart and allows you into a world that’s normally hidden away just in case it “upsets”.

Head/Lining isn’t trying to claim to be a journey of self-pity, it’s about survival, hope and showing how with all the odds against you there’s still time to change direction. This story could have easily been a newspaper article about a “young lad found dead from an overdose or drink”. It takes much strength and courage to bear your soul to strangers.

As one of the later shows at the Fringe at 10.15 pm attaining audiences is a tougher job. This particular performance is one worth staying out later to see. For more information about the show or booking tickets please use the link below.

Five Stars





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