There’s Nothing Quite Like Spaghetti Bolognese based on a story by Ian Dunn.

When you attend the Edinburgh Fringe you always know that something a bit “different” is going to turn up. This year is no exception, I wasn’t prepared to meet a magical living Spaghetti Bolognese, who has certainly gained a larger-than-life attitude.

Dominic Myers’s friendly and charismatic personality brings to life Penny’s (Chloe Din) dinner. A simply constructed spaghetti bolognese which she needs to prepare just in time for her Mum to return from work. However, things as you guess don’t quite go to plan and the family end up changing their dinner plans.

As an interactive performance, the audience was invited to split into three groups to provide the sound effects for cooking the spaghetti bolognese from chopping the onions, sizzling the mince and boiling the water.

Din and Myers work exceptionally well together. Their rapport on stage is enthusiastic and engaging. Interacting with the audience throughout. Children are a tougher audience to conquer yet they manage this brilliantly.

For his debut Edinburgh Fringe performance Myers has certainly left a lasting impression on me and I dare say many other audience members too.

Performing at 11.15 am this children’s production is a must-see, even if you don’t have children go along and start your days fringe with a really good laugh.

Hopefully, this might have tweaked your interest and you would like to check it out. Please use the link below to book tickets and see for yourself

Four Stars


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