Three Women and Shakespeare’s Will by Joan Greening.

Watching any of the period Theatre productions written and directed by Joan Greening you can be safe in the knowledge that what you are seeing and hearing has been well researched and traced back to be as accurate as anyone can reliably be from the century in which the play is based in.

In Three Women and Shakespeare’s Will, William Shakespeare has died and Anne Hathaway is left trying to decipher what her beloved has left her while reading through a very complicated-looking piece of parchment. When two other women arrive attempting to lay claim to a portion of his estate, we find out about a portion of his life that was never shared with Hathaway.

Long-standing mistress Anne Whateley (JuliavMunrow) claims to have helped Shakespeare write some of his plays and constantly interjects by quoting the play, act and scene in which the line comes from. Jane Davenant (Emma Hopkins) explains that her illegitimate son William Davenant was fathered by Shakespeare. There’s evidence that both of these ladies existed and knew him during that time.

Complete with period costumes and headpieces. Watching Three Women and Shakespeare’s Will is visually stunning. The luxurious gold dress worn by Hathaway represents the wealthier dominant alpha female.

Throughout the performance, her composure and calm disposition remain at the same level. Although she is learning that her late husband was a deceitful cheat her calm composure would suggest that she already had her suspicions about him yet remains loyal to Will right to the end.

One of the aspects I always look forward to when watching period Theatre written by Greening is the light-hearted, compassionate and thoughtful way in which the work is presented. Shakespeare has a reputation in the art world for being heavy and unaccessible, these are always removed and I come out learning something new without feeling drained or heavy.

Playing at the Surgeon’s Hall at 4.55 pm daily until 20th August. Please see the link below for more information and booking tickets. Be quick as the dates are filling up fast.

Four Stars


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