Stop the Press by Benjamin Charles Davids.

What happens inside a busy newspaper press office? Imperial College Union Drama Society might just be able to give us an insight into this quandary.

When a rogue picture appears next to an old article written by Charlie Burns the office descends into chaos. Who, why and when did this happen? More importantly, could this be the end of the paper, The Damacle?

The performances are solid and the blundering performance of Horace an older journalist who is desperate to work for the paper is a very amusing bumbling “old duffer” whose completely out of touch with modern journalism.

I particularly liked the use of stopping at the end of each scene to alert the audience that the scenes about to change. There are a few flaws in this performance which are only to be expected due to the theatre society’s lack of experience. However, for a first fringe production, it is a nice piece of farcical comedy for an enteraining afternoon.

The writing by Benjamin Charles Davids remains solid throughout the performance. Each character is fairly well-rounded. The tried and tested “dunnit” style script doesn’t leave you too shocked by the end.

Hopefully, the cast will leave Edinburgh with a positive experience and continue to grow into some very promising actors and writers. Looking forward to seeing what they do next.

The production only runs until the 18th of August so catch them while they are here.

Three Stars


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