Tethered by Chewboy Productions.

If you ever wondered what goes on in the rehearsal space, between creatives, then Tethered or The Adventures of the Adequately Excited People, writer Georgie Bailey alongside Hal Darling, might just be in a position to answer your questions

Want and Moins artistic differences rise throughout rehearsals. Tethered together by a short length of rope deciding on which way to be pulled next to escape the life of being Tethered together.

Working with a script that is slick, with lashings of dark humour and fast-paced. The main part of the humour is delivered throughout in off piste slapstick style comedy. The pinning up of the birthday banner reminded me of the famous and talented double act Laurel and Hardy.

The duo works extremely well together. You could see how much they were in tune with one another throughout allowing the performance to flow effortlessly. It’s a pity for the pair that the props hadn’t read the script as the elastic kept breaking on the party hats, providing additional comedic value to the play.

It was interesting to listen to the conversations taking place between them as they discussed how they imagined the audiences would respond to their actions and different scenes. Breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience yet pretending we weren’t there and ignoring any reaction that anyone replied to their rhetorical questions.

An alternative production with a tight scripted fast-paced dialogue. An extremely clever example of new work that Fringe theatres can be proud to host.

Four Stars

Running from the 20th-24th July at The Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town please use the link. below for further information.



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