Big Boys by Tom Foreman.

When childhood friends Ben (Tom Foreman) and Oscar (Owen Igiehon) start Secondary School they feel like they are all grown up now, they have successfully made it into the world of grown-ups and will be friends for life. However, as all grown-ups know life never quite goes to plan though.

Big Boys explores the ups and downs of life through the eyes of these two young boys spanning over roughly the next fourteen years of their lives. Facing the harsh realities that life throws into our paths when we least expect it to.

Igiehon’s debut performance in Big Boys has bought us a very fresh talented actor to the Theatre industry. Switching emotions in a moment combined with some outstanding dance moves and miming skills. This young actor has a promising career ahead of him should this be a path he continues to follow.

I especially liked the recorded element of the production operated by Jamie Atkinson. His timing skills were faultlesss. The recording of the parental voices added an element of authority into the story through secondary conversations with the two boys throughout the performance.

The identity of the parents isn’t important within the storyline and we are only given insights into each of the boys home life through this dialogue, and the audio can hear how certain events mould and influence the boy’s relationship with their peers, drugs, alcohol, social lives and their friendship.

The broad range of emotions delivered by both actors as the boys discover and explore their range of feelings in this coming of age production is “handled with care”. Overall Foreman has written and directed an open, honest and passionate heartfelt story of two (BFF’s) who despite their growing differences remained loyal friends.

Playing from 6th-10th July 2021 at The Lion and Unicorn in Kentish Town. Please check out the link below for ticket details although I know there are a very limited amount left.

Four Stars.

Photos credit Dan Clarke


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