Voices From Home by Broken Silence Theatre.

Warned at the beginning that these recorded pieces are for over 18’s only. After listening to them I can fully understand why. These five recorded shorts contain adult themes of death, sexual violence and assault. With graphic descriptions and honest accounts of the events experienced by each of the cast members be prepared for some uncomfortable listening at times.

Woo Woo by Sarah Milton we hear as Michelle hears about the death of her long-standing friend and ex-lover Tom. Told from a recent nostalgic perspective we learn about her feelings on losing her virginity with Tom and she never regretted it. Although I am not convinced this isn’t for the benefit of the audience and she is trying to convince herself. I thought the use of grim reaper in the game of Simms that Michelle is playing at the time when she learns about Tom’s was very poignant.

Vinegar Chips by Grace Merry describes a disappointing and extremely risky date that takes place in Worthing. After a few messages on “Tinder”, the couple who know very little about each other and some of these reasons why soon become dangerously apparent. The explicit description of the couple’s sexual encounter under the pier turned my stomach over as the description of the smells experienced left an unpleasant “odour” behind.

As an avid Radio 4 extra listener, these short plays are something I would happily tune in and listen to. They aren’t easy listening but they are engaging and cutting edge. Focusing on the “seedier” side of human nature isn’t an easy subject to write about. These five new up and coming writers are in tune with the world we are living in and have shown that they are not afraid to tackle them head-on.

I didn’t want to write a brief synopsis about each of the recorded pieces. Instead by keeping the details brief, it will hopefully encourage listeners to visit Broken Voices at the Brighton Fringe and listen to these stories for themselves.

Four Stars


The writers

Sarah Milton http://www.twitter.com/_SarahMilton

Madeleine Accalua https://www.madeleineaccalia.co.uk/

Georgie Bailey

Grace Merry

Lucy Dobree.


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