Blackbox Theatre presents Blithe Spirit.

This is the second production from Blackbox Theatre that I have had the privilege of being invited to review. Yet again they haven’t failed to deliver an extremely accomplished production.

Amidst the current covid restrictions Blackbox Theatre has set their adaptation of Blithe Spirit outside in the garden of the Condomine’s country house. It’s a gamble with the weather though and last night the rain was not on our side “good old British weather”.

With a strong cast of six Blackbox have delivered a strong adaptation of this Noel Coward classic. From erratic new housekeeper Edith (Scarlett Briant), the sceptic Doctor Bradman (David McCulloch) to the hosts Mr and Mrs Condomine (Peter McCrohon and Anna Mallard). Each character was exactly what you expect to see in this classic play.

Francesca McCrohon in the role of Madame Arcati the eccentric tongue in cheek underrated medium bought a touch of elegance to the production. Her beautiful black velvet evening attire with a long purple velvet coat is stunning.

The star in my opinion of Blithe Spirit has to be the ghost of Elvira. Amelia Sweetland looked incredibly wraithlike in a full-length silver evening dress, wild hair and the chosen style of make-up bought the dead to life.

I am not sure who organised the costumes and make up for this production or whether the cast selected their own. Each one of them was dressed in the desired period and looked fantastic ” quintessentially English”.

With all the challenges that have stopped our Theatre companies from working “normally ” since March 2020. Director Chris Hawley’s latest production has thought outside the box and successfully bought it outside. Listening to the audience around me they were all very pleased to be back watching live theatre again and we’re extremely complimentary about the production.

Please try and catch them while they are out on tour. Use the link below to check out the upcoming dates.

Five Stars


Photo Credits – Spice Art


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