Quentin Crisp:Naked Hope.

Famous flamboyant, charasmatic homosexual writer, raconteur and actor Quentin Crisp aka Denis Pratt returns to the stage through an entertaining and heartfelt performance by the extremely talented writer and actor Mark Farrelly.

Refering to himself as a “Stateley homosexual of England” this phrase for me is a wonderful way to have described himself. Unique and stylish creating a path for himself to follow and understanding that he was flawed just like everyone else. Allowing the audience to see the vulnerable side of Crisp as well as the famous.

Wilton’s Music Hall plays host to this intriguing one man production. The fairly large venue didn’t at any point appear to drown a solo performance. Seeing the wonderful features of this old building bought back fond memories.

The philosophical side of Crisp was something I knew very little about before watching Farrelly’s production. The quotes and anecdotal references throughout the performance allowed the audience to see the deep thinking side come alive. Profoundly intune with himself and understanding a meaning for life that made perfect sense to me.

Ending the performance with some personal memories. We learn about the personal experiences that led Farrelly to write and perform this outstanding tribute to Quentin Crisp. I would highly recommend catching this online performance especially those who are unfamiliar with Crisp, as I was.

Five Stars.



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