Hematoma directed by Grace Millie.

Written and performed by Keiran Dee Hematoma is an extremely clever and entertaining one-man performance. After a year in lockdown Dee attempts to take the audience on a world trip with his Hematoma while explaining how it feels to live with “having a part of your brain fixture missing”.

In a desperate attempt to fix the “gap” and find a way to escape the gap he takes himself off to find new adventures from his failed bungee jumping attempt, dancing scenes from a Hong Kong nightclub and the nocturnal events in the shared hostel rooms in Australia.

Dee’s performance is outstanding with a faultless range of emotions, moods and dance moves. He effortlessly adapts throughout the scenes in the performance. When I watch a one-man show whose only prop is a stool along with his immense charisma which held the audience’s attention throughout the 70-minute adrenalin-fueled performance.

The combination of humour, grief and hilarious storytelling makes Hematoma one of the must-see Fringe theatre productions to put on your watch list. Hopefully, Dee will take this fantastic play into more Theatres for future audiences to appreciate.

If you’re one of the lucky audiences the resident fly might make a guest appearance and join Kieran on stage. Dee’s ability to incorporate the random fly appearing around the stage was brilliantly bought into the travel scene. His capacity to create an additional character at such short notice was the sign of an extremely creative actor.

Hematoma is running from 8th-12th June 2021. Please use the link below to catch one of the remaining performances.

Five Stars


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