Alyssa Memoirs of a Queen!

The Vaudeville is playing host to the amazingly talented, gorgeous, larger than life Drag Queen Star Alyssa Edwards. The short run is from 7th-13th June 2021.

American born Alyssa Edwards has been a drag queen for 16-years, the first 6 of which were spent shut away hiding from the world and practicing her skills. Taking the audience through the life story leading up to where we are today is told in a charismatic, humorous, and open performance. We are entertained with stories about failing at sport while at school and trying to “fit in” baseball was a massive fail and after numerous arguments with the ball hitting Justin, it was decided enough was enough. Granny made the life changing suggestion that Ballet school was a better option.

The relationship Alyssa/Justin has with Granny is one told with warmth and affection. The non-judgemental anecdotes are explained through childhood stories. From listening to the tales, it was clear how much of a positive influence Granny has been throughout the years. Nowadays Granny is Alyssa’s biggest fan.

The famous “tongue clicking” is a trademark that Alyssa is well known for in her act, and it makes a couple of appearances, mainly at the start. If it had been overdone it would have spoilt the atmosphere of the show.

Alyssa’s accompanied throughout the performance by four talented dancers (Luke Vella, Alex Brown, Austin Farrell, and Billy Savage), the line dancing routine was especially entertaining.  Along with a lady called Miss Pam the stage manager who was supposedly monitoring the show to make sure it ran on time. However, when it was mentioned about Alyssa following a script the response is extremely funny as the response is “I don’t read the script, I am the script” there is a fantastic air of confidence surrounding the entire show and the professionalism is outstanding.

Ru Pauls Drag Race launched Alyssa’s international career and many stories and anecdotes are shared throughout the two-hour performance. Personally, many of these passed me by as I have not seen the programme. The interaction and response from the audience confirmed to me how popular and well-liked Alyssa is.  It has now inspired me to make a point of watching some.

We were treated to an amazing selection of outfits throughout the evening. I especially liked the short black and white outfit worn at the beginning of act two, sadly there is not a press shot of this one available to share with you. Alyssa has the most amazing legs which she displayed over the balcony of the upper box to tease her audience below and it certainly worked by the cheers received.

With a West End performance of this calibre more exceptionally talented Drag Queens need to bring their costumes, sequins, large hair, fabulous make up and glorious array of colours to the larger stage. With the size of the audience there tonight it would confirm to me that there is a market for this genre of entertainment appearing in the larger theatres.

Choreographer Justin Johnson also known by the stage name Alyssa Edwards is the perfect choice to choreograph this fabulous performance. As a trained choreographer teacher nobody would know the strengths and abilities that Alyssa possesses more than the Drag Queen herself. With director Spencer Noll’s expertise and eye for detail this is an absolute must see show.

Whether you are a lifelong fan, recent fan or a first timer, such as myself I would highly recommend buying tickets and treat yourself to a fantastic evening of entertainment. Please use the link below to book tickets or find out more about this show and upcoming productions at Nimax Theatre’s.

Four Stars

Photo credit Pamela Raith


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